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The possibilities for customizing your truck are endless – and present endless entertainment. But there are a few things you can add to your truck to make it truly stand out on the road, and you can read some suggestions here! Get inspiration for your uniqueness.

Your truck can be an extension of who you are. Unfortunately, it’s very common to see many other trucks like yours on the road, each of which makes yours feel just a little less special. Fortunately, there are a few things you can add to your truck to make it stand out on the road.

Underglow Lighting

One sure-fire way to ensure that your truck stands out is to use ground lighting. These lights, which are commonly referred to as under-glow lighting or ground effects, look great and will ensure that your truck looks different than any other on the road. Since you can choose any color of these lights, you’ll also be able to make sure that your new accessory perfectly compliments your vehicle.

The only issue with these lights is one of legality. Always make sure that your truck’s lights are legal in your state, and check to make sure that the specific color of the lights still falls within the bounds of the law. Most states allow the lights while your vehicle is parked or still, though, so you can still show off even if you can’t have the lights on while you drive.

Bed Lights

Not quite willing to go with under-glow lights to make your truck stand out? You might be in the market for something that’s a little less showy and a lot more practical. Truck-bed lights have become incredibly popular among those who customize their trucks, especially when those same people use their trucks for work. These simple lights ensure that you’ll always be able to see what you’re hauling by adding lights to the bed of your truck.

Bed lights can range from simple lights that help to keep your truck bed illuminated to bigger lights that are useful for outdoor projects. These can be a great choice for those who work outside or for those who have just gotten sick of losing things after they’ve rolled back into the bed.

Custom Plates

One of the best ways to show off your truck is with a custom license plate. Available in almost every state, you can get virtually any message you want to be printed on your plate so long as it falls within the bounds of your state’s requirements and no one already has that plate. While you’ll definitely have to pay a premium to keep the plate every year, it’s definitely worth looking at if you’re a big fan of something or if you want to ensure that everyone knows who owns your truck.

If you don’t want to pay a fee every time you get new plates, you can also find a vanity plate that you can use on the front or back of your car in certain states. These plates don’t have as many limitations and they can be used to show off a wider range of personal statements. Consider these if you want your car to have an even bigger dose of your own personality.


Decals are like bumper stickers for serious adults. Bigger and better than what you put on your car in high school, your decals can show off a variety of images and really help your truck to look like something special. The great news is that if you want virtually anything on a decal, you can shop now and have it shipped to you in a relatively brief period of time. Once it arrives, you can apply the decals and get back on the road.

The only issue with which you’ll really have to deal when it comes to decals is weathering. If you park your truck inside, though, you won’t experience any problems. Since they’re so easy to work with, though, you can count on your decals to last almost as long as your truck even if you park outside.

Step Bars

Step bars are one of those great bits of customization that serve a real purpose. Usually listed as one of the best truck accessories, these are a must-have for anyone who isn’t very tall or who has a very big truck. Everyone who rides with you will appreciate the fact that you’ve had these bars added to your vehicle.

If you’re really looking to make your truck unique, you can even customize your step bars. Some swing out from under the vehicle, while others can have custom messages on the plates. These bars can definitely add a little extra personality to your vehicle.

Bed Cover

The big selling point for most truck owners is that the vehicle has a huge open bed for storage. This is also the one factor that makes most trucks look alike, even if they are otherwise quite different. Adding a bed cover, though, will not only make your truck stand out but it will add a new level of utility.

Bed covers are made of metal or plastic and fold down on top of the truck bed. They help to keep anything in your bed dry while also helping to keep debris from flying into your truck bed. This can be a great addition for those who live in rainy areas or those who are just sick of others using their truck beds as trash cans.

Bug Shields

A bug shield is a little addition to your truck that can pay off huge dividends. Basically just a small plastic shield, it keeps bugs from flying onto your hood. This means less time spent cleaning your car and much more time spent actually enjoying your truck.

A good shield doesn’t get in the way of how your car looks, though. Consider it to be a practical accessory that makes your life easier. The good news, though, is that the addition of your shield will change the look of your truck just enough to help you find it in a crowd.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are the classic truck accessories. They darken the tint of your windows so that you get less glare from the sun and so that people can’t stare at you while you’re parked. It’s a practical type of accessory, but one that definitely stands out. Tinting has been done for decades, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a great way to change the look of your truck.

Making your truck stand out is really just a matter of finding the right accessories. Everything you add makes your truck look a little less generic and a bit more like it’s your own, so feel free to add multiple items. Once you’re done, you’ll never feel like your truck is lost in a parking lot of identical vehicles again.

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