Business Wire – Power Trucks USA Helps Auto Enthusiasts: “Refresh” Current Vehicle with Aftermarket Products and Services, Avoid Inflated Prices

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Power Trucks USA Helps Auto Enthusiasts: “Refresh” Current Vehicle with Aftermarket Products and Services, Avoid Inflated Prices


WARRENTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Power Trucks USA, your local one-stop automotive accessory shop and service center, leverages the advantages of their national franchising opportunities by customizing trucks, Jeeps, SUV and other vehicles to save customers from inflated new car prices. This is especially important during periods of international supply shortages and domestic inflation when people are keeping their older vehicles to avoid paying over-sticker price for new ones. Power Trucks USA franchising also offers the competitive advantage of multiple profit centers for their franchisees, including all vehicle aftermarket accessory sales and installations, as well as all automotive maintenance services. With the industry booming, the opportunity is ideal.

“The nation now faces growing supply issues for new vehicles, as well as long wait times and predictions that the margins on new car sales will remain high,” says Jeremiah Fiel, founder and CEO of Power Trucks USA. “Given all this, it’s never been a better time to get into the aftermarket accessory business. This industry continues to grow, reaching over $26 billion-a-year. Now, with auto prices skyrocketing, people are holding on to their vehicles longer and spending more to customize them and keep them on the roads.”

He adds that beyond upgrading or modifying a vehicle, many auto enthusiasts want to make their ride stand out, take it off-road, make it a true utility vehicle and/or add more power. Power Trucks USA teams also perform all general maintenance services, including oil changes, brakes, tires and engine repairs on all types of vehicles. The most popular vehicle products include lift kits, wheels and tires, LED lighting, car audio, floor mats and more. At Power Trucks USA the team works with all aftermarket products for both B2C and B2B customers.

Fiel adds, “In addition to being the perfect business opportunity during times of inflation, other benefits of owning a Power Trucks USA franchise include the ability to build a thriving and profitable business while maintaining a great work/life balance, getting in on the ground floor of an underserved market and a low investment with high-revenue potential in a recession-resistant business. With inflation currently on the rise, the opportune time for getting into a Power Trucks USA franchise is now.”

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About Power Trucks USA

Power Trucks USA is the vision of owners Jeremiah Fiel, who has spent over 12 years in the truck accessory business as founder and owner of ASL Off Road (ASL), and Whitecap Enterprises, an organization that has been building high-performing, customer-focused companies for over 20 years. The primary enterprise of Power Trucks USA is selling and installing aftermarket truck accessories, including, but not limited to wheels, tires, lift kits, bed covers, audio systems, lighting, bed liners, and more. Visit us at For franchising opportunities, visit


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