Five Reasons Canada is Ideal for Franchising

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The automotive industry in Canada is the second largest in North America. Canada recorded over 1.7 million automotive sales in 2021. With the automotive industry booming, now is the perfect time to take advantage of opening a Power Trucks USA location in Canada. 

If you need more convincing, here are five reasons why Canada could benefit from a Power Trucks USA franchise: 

  1. It snows A LOT: Some areas of British Columbia have an annual snowfall that ranges from 257-546 inches. In addition to British Columbia, the town of Woody Point, Newfoundland recorded 251 inches of snow in just 81 days! Having a Power Trucks USA location in British Columbia or Newfoundland would be a one-stop-shop for winter tires and other winter accessories so you always have perfect traction while driving. No one likes to worry about driving in the winter, so Power Trucks USA will be the go to spot to help drivers get their vehicles ready to go and alleviate all those winter worries.
  2. Off-Roading:  There are trails all over Canada for off-roading like the Cheakamus Lake Trail in British Columbia. From lift-kits to shocks, a Power Trucks USA location can service thrill-seekers so their truck or Jeep is ready to take on these fun and exhilarating trails!
  3. Music Scene: The music industry in Canada is booming, and having the top of the line audio systems available from Power Trucks USA will have customers riding through big cities like Toronto in style. Not only will your sound system be top-of-the-line, but you can also have strobe and LED lights installed to really stand out. Maybe you’ll even get noticed by Canadian superstars like Drake!
  4. Vast Open Territory: As Power Trucks USA branches out throughout the United States, Canada offers a brand new national location to grow the Power Trucks USA brand from the start of our franchise launch. This leaves all national and state territories open for franchising… for now!
  5. Be your own boss! Opening a Power Trucks USA location means you get to be your own boss. Power Truck USA team sells and installs everything bumper-to-bumper. While in the shop, the team provides other maintenance that customers require, from brakes to oil changes to new tires. But the company’s top product is customer service. Power Trucks USA is legendary among its repeat, loyal customer base for doing whatever is necessary to meet customer expectations, including resolving dissatisfaction.

Power Trucks USA Helps Create Community Leaders

Tim Seltzer, chief operating officer of Power Trucks USA Franchising, states, “By franchising, we can offer a turnkey opportunity to hard-working, motivated individuals who are looking to own a lucrative business and become leaders in their communities. With our support and mentoring, they will have all the tools to become experts in the automotive aftermarket accessory industry.”

He also notes the additional benefits of owning a Power Trucks USA franchise:

  • Entry on the ground floor of an underserved market
  • Low investment with high-revenue potential
  • National and state territory availability
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Recession-resistant business

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