Keep Calm and Stay Cool This Summer

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We recently went over why it’s great to upgrade your sound system before the summer but there are other upgrades and accessories that can keep you and your car cool this Summer. If you are looking for Summertime accessories and upgrades, don’t sweat it — just check out our list below:

Seat and Steering Wheel Coolers – Getting in a hot car is bad enough but there is nothing worse than not being able to sit comfortably and not being able to touch your steering wheel. At Power Trucks USA, we can install seat and steering wheel coolers to keep you driving comfortable in the Summer. You’ll never have to worry about burning your hand on the steering wheel again!

Window Tints – Tinting your windows can keep your car from being excruciatingly hot in the summer. Tints help keep the interior of your car shaded so that when you get in the seats aren’t hot to the touch. Another perk of window tints is it allows you to have privacy in your vehicle.

A/C Upgrade – Something that goes unnoticed until it is too late is getting you’re A/C inspected before the weather gets hot. When we’re driving around in the Winter and Spring, we don’t think to check our air conditioning. During these months, leaks can occur and fans can break. Then when you go to put your A/C on, it blows out hot air. A simple freon charge could be all that is needed to save you from the headache of your A/C blowing out hot air. 

Suspension Upgrade – If you plan on taking a road trip, or hauling an RV or trailer this Summer it may be time for a suspension upgrade. During the Winter and Spring the snow, salt and rain can deteriorate your suspension leading to a more bumpy ride. Upgrading your suspension before the Summer will lead to more safe handling and a smoother drive, some suspension also looks awesome and will take the look of your vehicle to the next level!

Don’t get cooked this Summer and bring your car, truck or Jeep in to be inspected, upgraded or have these great accessories installed! You can schedule an appointment online or give us call at 540-349-0339.